Our mission is to support clients in meeting the toughest challenges and demands in the field of converging broadcast and telecommunication technologies.
We combine management consultancy, technical consultancy, planning consultancy and project management, as well as comprehensive additional services.

Our values

At THE PALM - Media Management Consulting we maintain the highest standards in all aspects of our business and throughout our clients’ projects.
These standards are founded on our consultants superior competence and long-time experience, as well as the highest technical quality and reliability of our consulting services and solutions.

Our clients and consultants

Our customer relations are based on partnership: working closely together, maintaining a dialogue, being wholly constructive.
We aspire to create a co-operative partnership integrating the proposals and creative ideas of our clients with our own innovative solutions tailored to their requirements.
THE PALM - Media Management Consulting are broadcasting and technology advisers whose innovative expertise help broadcasters and high profile organizations to reach their audiences in a timely, cost-effective and high quality way.